Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pizza Dreams: A collection of my worded dreams written down right after I wake up.

"The Fault"

The business
Is cucumber cool,
With virescent breath
Misting the image, moving
About the stainless steel,
While cleaning cold frittata
From sharp glistening edges.
And bitter coffee
Begs forgiveness.

"HWY 40 West"

Tattered brown boot
Nestles the desert highway,
Silently baying, hidden
Behind Apache Plume
By the wash, dry and seared,
Beaten by the sun and

Trucks and cars,
Drifting new Lovers,
Maniacal student
Gathered serene and whizzing along
The desert's dying womb
Purple sky and once creamy hide
Beaten by the son
And time

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