Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm a Frustrated Musician

I love music, all genres, but lately a crisis common to musicians has me peeved: the pandering to get paid. I've played mostly rock and blues over the years, I now study jazz and would like to to perform as a jazz musician. I will starve if my dream becomes a reality.
My peeving began a couple of years ago when I was gigging at a local establishment and people kept requesting a song called "The Electric Slide." The marque outside the bar clearly suggested that we would be playing blues, but these patrons insisted we do the dreaded song. Of course we didn't, and all went well that night. Now that song has become a staple in a band I currently gig with and I have become aware I have a serious problem on my hands. I have to perform this song on a regular basis to get better paying gigs. As a jazz musician I would not have to play the cheesy song, and I would certainly be happy. My dilemma is do I pander? I think I'll stock up on Ramen Noodles...

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